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11.750 KD

●Blocks UV rays and exhibits excellent cooling effect! ●UV cut rate is over 90%! ●Perfect for preventing sunburn in the scorching sun. It is a neck gaiter that is ideal for summer fishing with a hydro cooling system*. Printed with a modern camouflage pattern reminiscent of reptile scales. Expand the range of summer fishing coordination. The sweat-absorbing and quick-drying material with a UV cut rate of 90% or more keeps you cool even in the hottest weather and protects your skin from sunburn around your neck, contributing to a comfortable fishing trip. *Hydro cooling system A cooling system that applies the vaporization heat effect. When the fabric absorbs moisture, the temperature of the fiber drops due to its heat absorption properties, giving a cool feeling. You can experience an amazing cool-down effect by wetting the fabric and using it. ■Size available: One size fits all ■Product size (measured when laid flat): 27 x 35cm *Stretchable ■ Materials: Polyester polyurethane ■UV cut: 90% or more