MAJOR CRAFT CROSRIDE BLADE XRB 95mm-30g#033 YELLOW COTTON | Union for Selling Marine tools & equipments Est
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3.250 KD

SPECIFICATION: MAJOR CRAFT Saltwater Shore Jigging Metal Lure CROSSRIDE BLADE XRB-95 Lure length:95mm Lure weight:30g SILENT-SINKING


Near Sea Shallow Area Capture 95 Appears!

30g is recommended for small baitfish or for shore jigging in shallow areas. It can also be used with a sea bass rod, so you can use it with confidence for sudden blue fish nabla during seaval games and surf games.

The final form of weakened fish "Damage Scale" series is now available!

A new damage scale color for 2022 has also appeared on the Cross Ride Blade.
Reproduce the damaged scales of a weakened sardine. This is the color of the last resort that makes you want to give up if you don't eat it.

Shore jigging specialty

Shore jigging specialty brand <Crossride> that you can trust and keep throwing to make a limited chance. The potential of its commitment will renew the world of shore jigging.

Perfectly compatible with large blue-runners

Equipped with a thick shaft hook and a high-strength snap as standard equipment. You can enjoy fighting with confidence even with unexpected large blue objects.

Outstanding flight distance and action

Outstanding flight distance due to stable flight attitude. The highly balanced design maintains a nearly horizontal swimming posture and supports slow to fast winding.