MAJOR CRAFT DANGAN BRAID X8 Egi LINE 150m PE 0.8-PINK | Union for Selling Marine tools & equipments Est
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6.000 KD

DESCRIPTION Maker : Major Craft Model : Dangan X8 Product Highlight : Type : Braided Line Line Class : 16 lb Length : 150 m Diameter : 0.10 mm Color : Pink

Categories: LINES & LEADERS
Hyper cost performance PE
Hiroseman repeats many actual fishing interviews throughout the year. Failure is unforgivable no matter how severe the situation.
Every day, my body and mind are in tatters under the severe pressure of the interview staff (laughs). In severe situations, when you hit the right spot, it's the crossroads between "shooting high OK" and "Bows". Just heaven and hell. Hiroseman thought. "I need a savior," he said. Of course, it's not about Mr. Tetsu. No, Mr. Tetsu is also a savior, and Hiroseman said that he is always grateful. The PE line <Bullet Blade> was born from such a conflict. Excellent cost performance that everyone's friend Hiroseman was particular about. Reliability made in Japan that rejects severe pressure. And <Bullet Blade>, which has been condensed with a new design. A fulfilling lineup that follows anglers with all their might. The Major Craft Line-Project will finally start.

PE line <Bullet Blade> made in Japan with excellent cost performance. The newly designed weaving method achieves "low elongation" with excellent operability and "high sensitivity" that allows you to feel changes and hits in the water. The surface is coated so that even beginners can use it easily, and by giving it an appropriate amount of firmness, it can be used for all kinds of fishing and reduces line troubles such as line entanglement with the guide. Lineup includes a single color type with excellent visibility that is useful in shore, and a 10m marker type that is advantageous in offshore.