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2.500 KD

DESCRIPTION: MAJOR CRAFT Saltwater Light Shore Jigging Lure NANO RUBBER 10g Based upon the Tai Rubber jigs used offshore, these new Nano Rubber Jigs feature a smooth water dynamic head shape with a soft rubber skirt with curly tail sections to add extra enticements. Typically used with 3 retrieval methods, a flat mid-water cast and retrieve, a sink & draw style and a vertical bottom bouncing. With typically Japanese sharp hooks they really offer fish no chance of escape. Enjoy NANO Rubber Jigging Game !!! Lure weight:10g

Categories: TAI RUBBER

Product information

Manufacturer: Major Craft
Product name: Nano Mule

The head shape has good water sharpness, so it seduces fish with a stable underwater posture and the movement and vibration of the curly necktie.
Since the fall posture is stable with a low center of gravity head, it may hit during the fall.
The needle uses a Japanese "Japan hook", so you can bring in a momentary bite for hooking.
Please play the light game on the embankment to your heart's content.