MAJOR CRAFT TAI RUBBER TAINOMI TM-45g #003 SILVER-PINK | Union for Selling Marine tools & equipments Est
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3.250 KD

DESCRIPTION Maker : Major Craft Model : Tainomi Length : N/A Weight : 45 grams Type : Sinking Sound : Silent

Categories: TAI RUBBER


The rubber skirt is suppressed as much as possible, and it is a low-activity countermeasure specification that fights only with a tie (necktie). A low center of gravity head with a stable drop posture and a quick fall with an exquisite tie and hook setting that allows you to ride a short bite. When retrieving, it is a gentle S-shaped system, and the pulling resistance is small, so you won't get tired even for a long time, and it is easy to retrieve.
In fact, it is a versatile Thai mule that can be used for anything, such as sleeping fish, green fish, and flat fish.
It's not just sea bream, even though it's sea bream.