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2.000 KD

SPECIFICATION: • Activate the Crystal Polymer Cooling Technology with water and beat the heat with the Polar Ice Scarf! • Easy to use: Just soak in cold water for 5 minutes until crystals fully absorb the water, and gently remove excess water. • Reusable up to 30 times by reactivating with water! Handwash with Soap Afterwards • Great for Outdoors, Exercise, Working, Headaches, Sore Muscles, Hot Flashes! • Material : Cotton/Polyester / Contents: Non-Toxic Super Absorbent Polymer / Size: 42 x 2 inches


Do you need a scarf or headband that can keep you icy cool for HOURS during workouts, hiking, backpacking, or any activities that make you hot and sweaty? If yes, then the Cooling Chilling Sports Scarf/Headband is the perfect tool for you! • This scarf uses Crystal Polymer Cooling Technology, which provides long-lasting cooling relief when the crystal polymer beads get wet and they absorb water. • Just soak the scarf in cold water for 3 minutes to activate the high-tech polymer crystals! • After beads absorbs water, they retains water efficiently, keeping the scarf icy cool for HOURS and keeps you dry! • Non-toxic crystals make this product safe even for children. • Use anytime you need relief from the heat. • Dimensions: 2x42 inches