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PROX Container Gear 5 Length Hard Rod Case Black

55.000 KD78.500 KD

■ Specifications ■ Color: Black External size: (150/167.5/185/202.5/220) cm x 25 cm x 11.5 cm Internal size: (146/163.5/181/1985.5/216) cm x 15.3 cm x 6 cm Standard weight: 5.8kg Material: PE

Categories: PROX
◆Hard rod case with 5 different length options
◆Large-capacity complete hard rod case.
◆ By changing the lock pin from the inside, it can be expanded and contracted in 5 steps from 150 cm to 220 cm at 17.5 cm intervals.
◆Eight movable urethane cushions and length changes allow you to rearrange the layout freely according to the tackle.
◆ You can use it for a wide range of fishing lines.
◆It is a hard rod case that is durable and heavy-duty like a container that firmly protects your precious tackle.
Equipped with keyhole for padlock (sold separately)